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Q: How does THC work?
  A: THC is the only all natural hangover cure scientifically formulated to prevent every symptom of a hangover. Most hangover pills, especially the one that rhymes with "Racer", use calcium carbonate and charcoal as their primary ingredients. Yes, the same stuff you use to prevent heartburn and grill food with. Such products allegedly prevent toxic build up caused by alcohol after moderate drinking. However, they do not take into account the dehydration and extreme nutrient loss caused by drinking too much; the main cause of a hangover the next morning. Unless you replace what alcohol takes away, you will be hungover. THC is formulated to not only protect your body against toxic build-up but also to replenish your body with lost water, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes, making it the one complete hangover cure on the market today.
Q: How do I use THC?
  A: Most people mix one vial of THC with a glass of water before bed after a night of drinking. It would be unwise to try to snort THC as no human being could handle the extreme rush of nutrition and power to their brain.
Q: How powerful is THC?
  A: Imagine getting roundhouse kicked in the face by Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal at the same time. THC is even more powerful than that, as evidenced by the mathematical equation:

THC > (Norris)+(Seagal) x (Roundhouse Kick)² - (Your Face)

In less scientific terms, one vial of THC-The Hangover Cure contains more vitamins than four VitaminWaters, three times the electrolytes found in a 20 oz. Gatorade, more vitamin C than two whole oranges, as well as a powerful custom blend of nutraceuticals and amino acids proven to help with hangover symptoms, NO sugar or artificial ingredients and only 25 calories per vial. Yeah, it is that powerful.

Q: Is there anything better than THC for curing a hangover?
  A: Unicorn tears. That is it.
Q: Does THC contain caffeine?
  A: No, THC does not contain caffeine.
Q: Does THC contain, uh…..?
  A: No, THC does NOT contain TetraHydroCannabinol (THC), the substance in marijuana plants that gets you "high" as the kids say.
Q: Does THC have any side effects?
  A: No, THC does not have any known side effects. THC is an all natural dietary supplement. If you are still unsure if you should take THC, please contact us for more info.
Q: What does THC taste like?
  A: THC, when mixed with water, fizzes up to create a mild, tropical fruit flavor.
Q: Does THC prevent intoxication or alcohol poisoning?
  A: No! THC does not prevent intoxication or alcohol poisoning. Always drink responsibly and never ever drink and drive.
Q: When is the best time to take THC-The Hangover Cure?
  A: Ideally, after a night of drinking alcohol, you should mix THC with water as your last drink of the night before bed. The powerful formula in THC replenishes what your body loses to drinking alcohol while preventing hangover symptoms when you wake up.
Q: If I am too drunk to take THC before bed, will it work the following morning after a hangover has occurred?
  A: Absolutely. If you are experiencing hangover symptoms after a night of drinking, simply take THC and feel your hangover disappear the next morning. THC is formulated to replenish what alcohol takes away in your body. We still recommend taking THC the night before to avoid ever having hangover symptoms to begin with.
Q: What if I take THC if I am not hung over?
  A: We have many customers that like THC even when they are not drinking because of the powerful nutritional benefits it offers. As mentioned above, a serving of THC has only 25 calories and contains more electrolytes than any sports drink on the market, as well as a powerful B vitamin complex, with no sugar or artificial colors. Thus, it is a great, healthy alternative to a soda, energy drink or sports drink. THC also works well as an immune system booster.
Q: Where is THC sold?
  A: Presently, THC is sold online and through independent authorized dealers throughout the US . For a list of dealers in your area, or to become one, please contact us.
Q: Does THC prevent against beer goggles?
  A: No! We learned this the hard way. If you make a terrible mistake with an extra from Lord of the Rings after a long night at the bar, don't come crying to us.
Q: What else do I need to know about THC?
  A: If you buy THC today, you can come to our birthday party.
THC - The Hangover Cure. More powerful than a roundhouse kick from Steven Seagal.
The first and only all-natural hangover cure on the market today that actually works. Just mix THC with water before bed
and wake up feeling awesome. THC prevents a hangover but does not protect against beer goggles or intoxication so be careful.
Order a vial today and you can have some cake at our birthday party.
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